Mistral Cherry Blossom Soap

Mistral Cherry Blossom Soap


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Cherry Blossom indulges your senses with bright floral notes on the top, a fresh citrus-cherry accord in the heart, and softwoods in the finish.

This bar soap is light pink in color. 3.17 oz / 100g


  • Pure organic shea butter
  • Gentle and moisturizing for dry, sensitive skin
  • French-milled soap for long-lasting use
  • All vegetable French soap


Mistral, founded by Mattew Tilker in Southern California. He first traveled to Provence as a young, long-haired philosopher studying alternative medicine in Europe. He was taken in by the beauty and traditions of southern France, spent most of the year there studying and meeting with several soap makers in the region. He returned to California with little money, but a garage full of soap.

In San Diego, Matthew's story continued where he discovered a strong demand for high-quality French soap and his growing passion for building a business. He moved out of his mom’s garage and into a small warehouse in Solana Beach. Today, he still travels to Grasse each year to meet with soap and perfume makers, develop new projects, and further his passion for the brand I started and built with a $1500 loan from his grandparents twenty-five years ago.

To every person who has ever used and enjoyed a Mistral product Matthew is grateful for your support and being part of his journey.